The 10 Best Books for Rental Property Investors

The 10 Best Books for Rental Property Investors

I’m sure you’ve read or seen a lot of rental property investing content online, and maybe even talked to several investors in person or via email, but what is the best book for those of us interested in rental property investing? You’re probably wondering how to pick the right one – are there any common attributes that all landlords would want to know about? And just to be clear, yes there really are! This article will answer this question by showing you how you can find the ideal rental property investment books for your portfolio. These will go into detail on how to choose the perfect ones for rental properties – from which investment vehicles to select to how to buy them, etc. Let’s get started.

The Top Ten Are…

1) “The Definitive Guide to Buying, Managing & Retaining Your Next Home – The Landlord” (2021). A popular and comprehensive guide to the ins and outs of buying real estate investment properties. Provides useful advice from many different perspectives such as tax law, capital markets, acquisition methods, leasing, security, accounting, and more. A must-read if you want an easy-to-understand approach to buying investment properties.

2) “How Wealthy Buyers Build Multifamily Hotels In Rising Markets – Investor Capitalism” (2016). This an excellent and well-written guide to multifamily assets that includes ways to maximize value in rising hotel markets. Also provides guidance on various financing, management, and other key topics. Great for commercial real estate, apartment complexes, retail projects, and land/building purchase investment properties.

3) “Residential Investment Handbook” (2020). Contains practical information on all aspects of residential property investing. Offers plenty of information on property types, asset classes, tenants’ demographics, and much more. Ideal for experienced private equity investors looking to add multifamily properties to their holdings.

4) “Real Estate Investing Today” (2018). A great beginner’s guide to some of the most important concepts in real estate investments today. Includes an overview of how real estate investment works, including the fundamentals of investing, valuation techniques, and risk mitigation options. Useful for both residential properties and commercial.

5) “Turning Residential Real Estate Into Equity Valuation Gold: The Real Deal” (2015). Similar to the aforementioned “Investor Capitalism” is “The Real Deal” and contains tips on how to turn real estate into an equity value. It also gives you an introduction to REITs, SIPOs, PEFs, and other forms of institutionalized real estate investment funds. Good if you’re new to real estate investment and just starting out yourself.

6) “Diversified Real Estate Fundamentals” (2021). A comprehensive guide on diversification and long-term growth as a result of owning real estate. Written by professionals with years of experience so you feel like you’re getting everything covered. Ideal for people thinking about adding real estate to their portfolios.

7) “Securitize Real Estate With Diversify Real Estate Equities” (2017). The ultimate resource for anyone looking at securitized real estate investments as a way to generate passive income from real estate assets in addition to making a profit. Well written, detailed, and a good primer for beginners as well.

8) “Growth Properties Through Income Stream Management – Building Portfolios Of High Yield Non-Farm Capital Growth” (2020). A comprehensive guide that walks you through the entire process of acquiring, redeveloping, managing, and operating a high-yield non-farm real estate income stream portfolio. Helps you understand the steps required for generating the highest possible returns, as well as how to manage risks. Good for businesses considering moving into commercial real estate properties.

9) “Real Estate Financing + Investments = Sustainable Value Creation” (2019). A complete guide to real estate investments that provides a full understanding of the benefits and limitations of financing, plus strategies on how not to finance poorly managed or deteriorating real estate properties. This could help investors who feel they may enter into real estate deals without having the knowledge to make wise decisions and get back on track.

10) “Real Estate Realtor’s Business Plan Book” (2021). A guide that shows you how to prepare, write business plans and present your plan to potential lenders, investors, landlords, and other stakeholders. Can help you learn the ropes when it comes to structuring financing for residential real estate assets like condos and apartments. Could be very beneficial for aspiring agents and brokers to have access to and practice with.

Let me explain why these top ten resources are considered top picks for anybody looking to start out investing in rental properties. They provide thorough explanations and backgrounds on each topic, a holistic view of the market, and allow you to see both sides of the coin. Many of these sources combine a wide range of subjects to cover almost every aspect of rental property investment. They should be used over time or as needed on your own because each one will teach you something else. Some of the most relevant knowledge should come naturally as you continue reading and learning. This ensures you keep your momentum up and have fun along the way. But hey even if you don’t think you can follow through with this book all at once (and don’t forget to check out our post on How To Get Started), the first few chapters are still valuable in helping you gain the necessary entrepreneurial skills and tools to begin your journey and increase revenue, regardless of your level of skill.

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