The 8 best personal finance books of All the Time

The best personal finance books

Insider’s specialists choose the finest products for you. Sometimes our partners charge a fee to support us but our views and experiences do not reflect our opinion. These conditions are applicable to all the available information listed here. We have collected 8 book recommendations for every stage of life and every goal in life. These titles have been carefully selected by Personal Finance Insider’s team.

Here is a list of books that can help you escape the cycle of debt and build lasting wealth.


1- ‘Finance for the People’: ‘Author: Paco de Leon’

“Finance for the People” is an inspirational guide to personal financial planning that provides tools and strategies for building a solid foundation despite life’s inequities.

Best for:

Millennials and Gen Zers are visual learners who want advice that encompasses their entire financial picture.


2- ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’: ‘Author: Robert Kiyosaki’

A college professor who earns more than he spends maybe well-educated but is often poorer than a dropout who lives within his means. -Robert Kiyosaki.

It’s better to buy the property or start a business than it is to work for a steady paycheck. A much more profitable long-term strategy is to follow the example of Kiyosaki himself, who wrote one best-selling book after another.

Best for:

The key to financial freedom is having multiple income streams.


3- ‘The Automatic Millionaire’: ‘Author: David Bach’

Financial writer David Bach’s book focuses on one simple principle: automating your finances. From saving to paying off debt, this book posits that setting up your account so it can manage itself could help grow wealth over many years.

This book provides an effective plan that can be implemented quickly and make a lasting impact.

Best for:

Building wealth takes hard work and planning.


4- ‘Retire Before Mom and Dad’ ‘Author: Rob Berger’

For those considering early retirement through the FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early) movement, this book provides a quintessential primer on the principles of getting started.

However, this book also explores the principles that make financial independence and retirement possible for everyone—regardless of when you may choose to retire.

Best for:

People who want to retire young and build wealth.


5- ‘Get A Financial Life’: ‘Author: Beth Kobliner’

Beth Kobliner’s “Get a Financial Life” gives young adults and millennials a solid foundation for establishing good financial habits.

Best for:

Young people and financial newbies.


6- ‘The Money Manual’: ‘Author: Tonya B. Rapley’

“The Money Manual” is a practical guide to managing your finances, no matter how much you earn. The author of the book—a blogger behind—approaches money management in a clear and engaging way that makes these lessons relevant for anyone who wants to improve their financial life.

These tools will guide you as you assess your current situation, clarify what matters most to you and set financial goals.

Best for: 

Young people and millennials are learning about budgeting and saving for the first time.


7- ‘Clever Girl Finance,’: ‘Author: Bola Sokunbi’

This easy-to-read book about money doesn’t make assumptions—it starts with the very basics and builds on them. Rooted in reality, it uses real-life anecdotes including from the author herself.

It teaches everything you need to know about money management and financial planning, starting with the basics. Then it covers other topics such as credit, debt, investing, and how to negotiate salary increases.

Anyone who is new to personal finance, or needs a quick review on some basics, will find this book very helpful.

Best for: 

Young adults and millennials are eager to gain financial knowledge.


8- ‘How I Invest My Money’: ‘Author: Joshua Brown and Brian Portnoy’

If you ever wondered what financial advisors, venture capitalists, and other so-called money experts do with their own money—Brian Portnoy and Joshua Brown have a book for that!

The book contains pithy personal finance stories from 25 experts, which give readers ideas they can implement to take the next steps on their financial journey.

It’s not the best choice for anyone who’s new to managing money, as it lacks enough explanation of basic concepts. But people ready—and eager!—to make financial moves will find this book helpful.

Best for: 

People who want to learn strategies for building wealth, saving, and planning for retirement.


What are the four 4 pillars of personal finance?

All people have different financial needs and are bound by these 4 Pillars of Financial Security. Each individual person’s finances have a number of basic components namely assets, debts, income, and expenses.


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